Historic Places

Please contact us if you know of historic properties that need our help! 

The Kentucky Trust founded in 1998, works to preserve, promote, protect the building and landscapes that make our state unique. We use many methods to protect properties primarily by finding new owners and new uses for old buildings. We rely on the generous support of our members, so please view the properties we currently have for sale and learn more about our important work preserving Kentucky heritage. Here are just a few of our proven methods for preservation. 

Selling Historic Real Estate 
The Kentucky Trust can sell your historic property. We rely on our network of preservation minded friends across the Commonwealth to bring us properties in need. Then we work directly with realtors, developers, investors and private home buyers to find a solution for each historic building. Contact us to learn how we can help sell your historic building.  

Robert M Polsgrove Preservation Revolving Fund 
Many historic buildings have been neglected and are in need of direct investment. Our Preservation Revolving Fund allows us to acquire and invest funds to stabilize historic structures prior to resell. This fund allows us to save many structures where it may not be financial feasible for private investors. Our revolving fund has directly saved more than a dozen historic properties to date.

Preservation Easements 
Historic properties serve the needs of generation after generation. They survive in part to good stewardship. But far too many properties often fall into disrepair and abandonment. A Preservation Easement with the Kentucky Trust can ensure the perpetual preservation of your historic property regardless of ownership. Contact us to learn more about how to ensure the future of your historic place and to learn more about the process and available tax incentive. 

Gifts of Property 
The Kentucky Trust is well suited to accept gifts of historic and non-historic real estate, antiques, stocks, planned gifts and much more.  

Any gift to the Kentucky Trust having a current market value greater than the donors cost basis or purchase price can reduce the “cost” of giving. Donor’s who make gifts of appreciated property may receive an income tax charitable deduction equal to the fair market value of the gift. The donor avoids capital gains taxes on the appreciated portion of the property. Donors of non-historic real estate may designate the use of the proceeds of its sale for the Kentucky Trust. If a donated property is historic, the Kentucky Trust will make efforts to ensure the property is protected with a legally binding preservation covenant or easement 

Please contact us if you have interest in discussing ways to include the Kentucky Trust in your estate planning and learn how to make gifts of property.